Shows Coming Soon!

I’m hoping to start playing shows early this year. Full band shows are definitely on the horizon, as well as more intimate shows with just myself and a quartet.

I’m so excited for people to hear this in real life. Stay tuned!

Subways on the Sun

Hello friends,

I recently started a new project called Subways on the Sun with a good friend of mine, Erick Newbill (whom you may know from the band Fair). We are in the process of recording a ton of demos at the moment, one of which we recently released as part of the 2009 Abrazos Breast Cancer Benefit Compilation (iTunes link). The track is called Softer Light, and was mixed by our friend Aaron Sprinkle. 100% of the profits from the record go to benefit the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. It’s a great cause to support, so check it out.

More to come as we release more music and start playing shows!


Absolute 100

Hello friends!

Head over to and check out their Absolute 100 list of lesser-known bands for 2009. There are a ton of great artists on their list, and they were kind enough to include me in the ranks. Here’s what they wrote:

Why We Like: A prime example of why some producer/engineers absolutely SHOULD step out from behind the soundboard, Katz’ atmospheric vocals alone are enough of a reason to stand up and take notice. Add to that his ability to write massive songs decked in strings, cymbals, and beautiful harmonies, and you’ve got an album that makes skin shiver and heads nod.

A huge thanks to the folks at AP for the recognition! I do love those guys.

Quartet Arrangements

Hello friends,

Now that I have my new site up and running I’m looking forward to including people more in my creative process. It’s easy to stay holed up in my studio all by myself and drive myself crazy, so this is an effort to branch out a bit. =)

Since I released The Veil, I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out how to perform it live. For some reason I was ridiculously adamant about doing everything myself on the record from start to finish. Having accomplished that I can’t tell you how excited I am to finally include other musicians in the (forthcoming) live show.

My first step was to figure out what to do with the ambitiously large string arrangements on the record. I definitely don’t have a full orchestra at my disposal (maybe someday), but I do know enough people to at least put together a string quartet. My only problem was that I didn’t write four-part string arrangements for The Veil, I wrote…whatever. Sometimes it was only a single part, other times I felt like the strings needed to play every note possible at once.

So, I’ve spent the last two months totally rewriting the string parts for all 11 tracks of The Veil. I will be working out the written notation with a friend over the next few weeks, so it will probably still be a little while until a full show will be ready, but until then I thought I’d share a few clips of the arrangements. I’m a little bashful about the phony midi string samples, but if you can imagine, like I have been, that actual human beings will one day play the parts, I think you’ll like what you hear.

Check out the tracks below and, if you have a sec, leave me a comment and let me know what you think.